In most countries, investors are not allowed to sell their shares for a certain period of time and it is a way to protect investors from being exploited by companies.

However, if the investor chooses not to wait for the lock-up period and sells his shares before it expires, he has to pay taxes on gains made in this sale.

Money is a concept that has existed for centuries. It is what we use to take care of our day-to-day needs and what we use as an investment for the future. In this section, you will learn about various money topics such as taxes, settlements, investments, stock market and currency.

Money has been a big part of society ever since humans started to organize themselves into groups with the purpose of survival. Money facilitates trading which leads to economic growth and development from one community to another. Money also helps people in the long run by providing them with protection from natural risks such as fire, disease and famine which are common worldwide.

The financial sector is an industry that requires a lot of financial knowledge and knowledge of different laws. With AI, we can now take away the manual process from processes such as taxes, business transactions, and investments.

AI will also help us to manage our personal finances by introducing several new technologies such as cryptocurrency that make managing your own wealth a lot easier.

The use of AI in the financial industry is extensive. The global market for artificial intelligence software remains at around $7 billion but it’s expected to grow exponentially in the future.

-Paying with cryptocurrency: You don’t need to worry about credit card transaction fees anymore when you choose cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum for your payments.

-Managing your personal finance: AI can handle your personal finances for you and provide insights into how.